Formulations & Cost

Formulations and costs examples: on-shelf product formulation, costs and manufacturing.


FRAMES monitors public information of on-shelf formulations: ingredients lists, any safety datasheets and on-pack declarations. That public info, from various sources, is structured in a single database and for each product, levels and formulation (on) costs are assigned. The database’s smart design and search functions allow easy access from a market angle (for example a country-subcategory combination) or formulation angle (for example a format-ingredient combination). This makes FRAMES ideally set-up for any competitor-market analysis.


Cost assignment is based on a single average ingredient cost (at 100%), used across the board and representative for the market. Obviously, significant dependences arise from volumes, geography, material quality, manufacturing set-up and manufacturer-supplier relationships. Therefore, these numbers should be regarded as references for comparative purposes.


Raw materials are part of the FRAMES database, integrated with the formulation ingredient function. That implies that for any ingredient in an on-shelf formulation, a number of potential raw materials are indicated. Alternatively, a raw material supplier make use of the database to see in what products on shelf make use of the ingredient in question.
Manufacturers of on-shelf products are monitored in the FRAMES database, when made explicit in public info.